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Introduction of the Journal Petroleum Drilling Techniques

Basic information
Petroleum Drilling Techniques is under the charge of SINOPEC GROUP, and sponsored by SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering. Professor of engineering MA Kaihua is the chief editor. The Journal was founded in 1973, formerly known as Petroleum Drilling Techniques Communication and renamed as Petroleum Drilling Techniques in 1979. At first, it was issued domestically; in 1988, it was internationally published after being approved by the State Scientific and Technological Commission. In 1999, it was changed to a 16-mo bimonthly journal, and issued at the end of each odd month. Its CN No. is CN11-1763/TE and its ISSN No. is ISSN1001-0890. 

Objective and coverage of the Journal 
Petroleum Drilling Techniques strictly adheres to the objective of “serving the petroleum drilling scientific research and production, promoting the level of drilling and management, and speeding up the transformation from scientific achievements to productivity” and follows the policy of combining the basic theoretical research and field practice. It mainly covers the technical advances and field experiences in petroleum engineering both at home and abroad (including drilling, drilling fluid, cementing, well logging, surface logging, well completion, oil production, etc.) as well as drilling and production equipment and automation. Its main columns include Expert Viewpoint, Drilling & Completion, Oil & Gas Exploitation, Well Logging & Surface Logging. 

Main advantages 
Petroleum Drilling Techniques is a professional journal with the longest history in reporting petroleum drilling technologies in China and it is the only scientific journal of SINOPEC which covers the development and advances in petroleum engineering technologies. The leaders of the sponsor organization attach great importance to the work of the journal and take the journal as an important technical carrier in building a world-leading petroleum engineering technology research institute. Moreover, the Journal has a highly efficient editorial committee and an editor team with high professional quality and strong sense of responsibility, which provide guarantee and great impetus for rapid and steady development of the Journal. 
  This Journal has been always focusing on the innovativeness and advancement of its coverages and has carried out a series of special reports on the hotspots and difficult topics in petroleum engineering technologies; it has also carried out series reports on the development trend of petroleum engineering technologies, the main progress and achievements of SINPOEC featured technologies; it actively organizes and conducts debate and discussion on academic issues and technical studies, which has effectively promoted rapid development of domestic petroleum engineering technologies. Moreover, it plays an important role in guiding, directing, referencing and promoting the key scientific and technical projects initiation, the acquisition, promotion and application of high quality research achievements. Additionally, this Journal has been always keeping close watch on the development dynamics of petroleum drilling and production technologies in China and striving to make exclusive reports on the major development and breakthroughs in fields of drilling and production technologies in the first place, and continue to make follow-up reports. 

Main achievements 
  Over 45 years of development, this Journal has formed its distinguished features with drilling as its main direction and petroleum engineering theory innovation and applied innovation as its main coverage. Its concept of publication is to serve for authors and readers, and present advances in the petroleum engineering technologies and social development. It has gained high reputation in the field of petroleum engineering and periodical industry, and maintains stable and loyal authors and readers. According to “China Science and Technology Journal Citation Report (core edition) (2017)”, the influence factor of this Journal is 1.214, ranking the 9th among 38 oil & gas engineering journals. 
This Journal is included by:
“Chemical Abstracts”, USA 
EBSCO Academic Database, USA
“Abstract Journal” (AJ). Russia
China Science Citation Database (CSCD)
National Chinese Core Periodicals 
Source Journal of Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations 
RCCSE China Core Academic Journal (A)
China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database (CAJD)
China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database 
Chinese Science Abstracts
China Academic Journal (CD)
Abstract of Chinese Petroleum
Abstracts of Chinese Geological Literature 

Honors and awards obtained:
The First Beijing All-round Journal Prize, 1992
The second prize of SINOPEC Scientific and Technical Periodicals, 2012
Major contribution award of the Dean Award, 2012
The first prize in the 8th national petroleum and chemical industry excellent newspapers and periodicals, 2015
Award on excellent quality publication by Science Press, 2015 
The second prize of Science and Technology Award by Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2015

Development goal of the Journal 

  We will always stick to the principle of “academic supermost, quality first” and adhere to the concept of open publication and will further strengthen the awarenesses of brand, responsibility and service. Putting the social benefit in the first place and taking serving the domestic petroleum engineering technical development as the central task, we will promote the level of standardization and scientization in the work process and improve the influence of Petroleum Drilling Techniques in domestic journal circles, petroleum engineering circles and related industries, actively raise our publicity and influence in foreign petroluem engineering circles and finally build the Journal into “China Excellent Academic Journal with International Influence”

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